Praise for Book


Praise for the book
The Powerful Bond Between People and Pets:
Our Boundless Connection to Companion Animals

“What many of us have suspected and observed is now well documented by P. Elizabeth Anderson in this thoroughly researched and well written book. As a physician who has spent a career concerned with human health and quality of life, I find her book to be tremendously enlightening on the therapeutic effects of animals on human beings. I strongly recommend this book for health professionals and students.”

David Satcher, MD, PHD
16th Surgeon General of the United States

“My dogs bring out the best in me—and Anderson’s book explains why. Her book combines historical perspectives, scientific insights, and personal anecdotes in a text that is easy to read, scholarly, and thoroughly engaging. Her love and respect for animals are inspirational. This is a great book for anyone who has ever had a pet—or is thinking of getting one.”

James Blumenthal, PHD
Professor of Psychology, Duke University

“Studies show that people who have companions they love, whether animal or human, are healthier than those who don’t. In this wonderul book, P. Elizabeth Anderson shows that love is its own reward—making us feel better and live longer.”

Dean Ornish, MD
Founder, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

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